Building Value The RK Way

RK Building Systems, Inc., is owned and operated by partners Rich  Robertson and Keith Robertson, a father and son team with over sixty  combined years of commercial construction experience. We manage all of  our projects, rather than delegating them to others, in order to  maintain direct control over the results we obtain for our clients.

What do we mean by "Building Value the RK Way"? We want to  insure the quality of your experience with us, and will build it around  these attributes which seperate us from everyone else:

- Personal Attention of Principals
- Depth and Range of Construction Experience
- Teamwork and Co-Operation
- Open Communications
- Long Term Relationship Building
- Flexibility and Adaptability to Changes
- Feasibility and Early Cost Analysis
- Design Input and Value Engineering
- Fast Track Pricing and Construction Scheduling
- Subcontractor Qualification and Loyalty
- Quality Control and Cost Containment

When you hire RK, you will get our direct, practical  approach to construction. We wish to earn your trust through honesty,  competence, and integrity, and take care of all your construction needs,  large and small.

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