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Harvester Square Renovations


Built in 1980 as a National grocery store with attached multi-tenant attached retail spaces; in 2005 due to a lack of visibility from the nearby roads and general obsolescence of the 41,000 SF space a plan was formulated to replace the entire façade (and make it 12’-16’ taller to be seen better from the road), gut the building, replace the roof, and install all new systems with separate metering for the incoming tenants. In addition a variety of parking lot improvements and a 35’ tall custom board sign were implemented.

One aspect worth noting is the extensive shoring that had to be done across the entire façade to support the roof structure since we were removing all of the existing front wall at once. We handled the structural analysis and installation of the shoring system without a hitch.

RK also completed the Dollar General and Goodwill store tenant finishes in addition to the shell/site contract.

Perryville Crossing


This is one of two multi-tenant retail buildings (22,000 SF plus for both) which make up Perryville Crossing in Perryville Missouri. This was a property next door to a new Wal-Mart which had just opened months before we started work; the first thing we did after establishing siltation control was to blast the red sandstone rock which was present over much of the property so we could achieve the required grades. The process of blasting was precisely controlled to the extent that we were able to blast the rock (which ‘liquefied’ into loose sand after blasting) within 4’-5’ of Wal-Mart’s main water supply line without damage. Another challenge we faced besides the usual fast track retail schedule was to avoid repeating what Wal-Mart’s contractor had done: send silt into Lake Perryville, which was downslope from our sites. We placed and maintained multiple lines of defense against runoff, including making it through one particularly massive summer thunderstorm which threatened our defenses—but everything held and we earned the City of Perryville’s praise for our efforts.

Shoe Carnival


This was a 10,300 SF tenant finish in St. Charles MO which included gutting two spaces and removing the demising wall. One interesting aspect of the project was learning halfway through from our client that the west end (lit by the sun in this photo) once extended much farther west; however Home Depot wanted to build a store behind it and they paid the previous owner to tear off that portion of the shopping center which obscured their new store from the main commercial roads (the Home Depot peeks out in our photo). After Shoe Carnival was opened our client sold the property; we had previously built out a Harbor Freight Tools store and white box for a 14,000 SF Asian restaurant in a former Best Buy space. We also did numerous small alterations and repairs for our client who was in Texas.

Highland Crossing, Highland, IL


10,150 sf building/3.6 acre site
One new retail building and site development for four lots, including a new road, on-site storm detention, Code L soil treatment, and a sanitary sewer main for the City of Highland. Completed April 2003.

Anna Crossing, Anna, IL


10,150 sf building/1.7 acre site
We built the same building in Anna Illinois (south of Carbondale) for the same clients, with five tenant spaces instead of the four required in Highland. Completed August 2003.

Carmi Crossing, Carmi, IL.


10,150 sf building/1.4 acre site
Same building, same clients as Highland and Anna projects. Includes tenant finishes. Completed November 2004.

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