Our Projects

You don’t need to guess, our work will be sure to impress!

RK Creatively Solves Problems

In December 2000 Greenville University invited RK to submit a proposal to design & build their new residence hall which they needed ready for 80 students by the 2001 fall semester.


RK Handles Complex Projects

In early August 2016 K2 Commercial Group awarded RK the contract to substantially overhaul the mostly empty shopping center which the previous owner sold to them in woeful condition.


RK Does Complexity And Quality

There were three separate contracts for the site/shell work (two shell buildings on one united site), plus tenant finish packages for each building. The Face and the Body (above & below)..


RK Does Complexity And Quality

The picture above shows where we shored up and removed a 45’ section of the original masonry wall in order to create the circular lobby seen; extensive steel framing was built and masonry replaced


RK Is Fast Track

The plan was for us to start excavation work March 1st 2001, with space ready for Dollar Tree and Cato Clothing on June 15th. Due to a month-long delay in closing purchase


RK Likes Design

We worked with the client and designer to build out a high concept, high quality office inside a former church in south St. Louis. The level of detail required among other things for RK to find specific


RK Builds Mosques

This is the first of our mosque projects, which set us on a path to build five mosques (so far), complete numerous renovations, and expand two of them including their parking lots.


RK Medical & Scientific

This was done as a design/build project which included upgrading the electrical service to accommodate installing the CT scanner in the space.


RK Project R.I.P.

We have been in business long enough to see at least one of our projects disappear! In 2007 we handled a top-to-bottom makeover of a former law office into a full service bank.


RK Is Retail

Built in 1980 as a National grocery store with attached multi-tenant attached retail spaces; in 2005 due to a lack of visibility from the nearby roads


RK Does Historic Buildings

The first two photos show the interior and exterior of the Piper Palm House, along with an artist’s rendering of the Palm House interior and a hand-drawn map of its part of the park.

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