Harvester Square Renovations

Built in 1980 as a National grocery store with attached multi-tenant attached retail spaces; in 2005 due to a lack of visibility from the nearby roads and general obsolescence of the 41,000 SF space a plan was formulated to replace the entire façade (and make it 12’-16’ taller to be seen better from the road), gut the building, replace the roof, and install all new systems with separate metering for the incoming tenants. In addition a variety of parking lot improvements and a 35’ tall custom board sign were implemented.

One aspect worth noting is the extensive shoring that had to be done across the entire façade to support the roof structure since we were removing all of the existing front wall at once. We handled the structural analysis and installation of the shoring system without a hitch.

RK also completed the Dollar General and Goodwill store tenant finishes in addition to the shell/site contract.

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