Historic Buildings

The first two photos show the interior and exterior of the Piper Palm House, along with an artist’s rendering of the Palm House interior and a hand-drawn map of its part of the park. In 1997 we put a kitchen & restroom addition on the back and restored the interior into the gorgeous event space it is now; the wood ceiling was repaired, native Missouri limestone slabs (2” thick and 36” square) were mudset for a floor meant to last many decades, and custom made brass lanterns were built and hung as shown.

The third photo shows the Pool Pavilion after a historically accurate re-painting; work included masonry and wood repairs along with bathroom improvements including graffiti removal and a special sealer to make cleaning off future graffiti easy. The fourth photo shows the Old Playground pavilion, which had extensive renovations along with several other pavilions. Its revival was comprehensive as we had to replace the rotted old metal roofing with new lead-coated copper (the lead allows paint to adhere), replace all the brick paving, repair and paint various wood columns and other pieces, and completely re-make the cupola. We built the replacement cupola, as we did everything in the Park, at the direction of noted historical restoration architect Philip Cotton; we used the African hardwood ipe for some repairs and old growth, all-heart, clear red cypress for the rest (the cypress came from logs cut in the 1800s but lost in swamps, then recovered in modern times).

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